Resources on Scriptures

In order to learn and grow in understanding of our Master Yehoshua the Messiah we believe that these resources are vital tools for a person when learning the scriptures. The following resources will help you to grow and learn the word of Elohim:

Recommended Bible for Studying the Scriptures of Elohim

1. The Scriptures- Published by the Institute of Scripture Research, South Africa. This bible can be purchased from (We strongly recommend this bible as its translation is close to 95% accuracy to the available manuscripts).

2. The Interlinear Bible: Hebrew-Greek-English- Published by Jay P Green. This is a large bible and should be used as a "reference point" only for studying the Hebrew and Greek words used in the scriptures. This bible has the size and weight of an Encyclopaedia and is quite heavy.

3. Aramaic English New Testament - Hardcover edition by Andrew Gabriel Roth 4th Edition. This only contains the New Testament (The Messianic Scriptures). We highly recommended this for studying the messianic scriptures (a must buy book).

Recommended Concordance for Studying the Scriptures of Elohim
The New Strong's Expanded Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible by James Strong published by Thomas Nelson Publishers. This book is quite large and heavy.

Recommended Bible Atlas for Studying the Scriptures of Elohim
Holman Bible Atlas: A complete guide to the expansive geography of Biblical history (Broadman and Holman Reference).