Experts on Scriptures

This section will provide you with valuable information and contacts of experts that we believe know the scriptures to the best of their ability. One should understand that no man can ever "fully understand" the true word of God. This is the truth. The scriptures tell us "There is no one righteous, not even one: There is no one who understands, there is no one who seeks God" (Romans 3:10-11). Every person will have their own bias and interpretation of the scriptures. The scriptures say "Prove all things; hold fast that which is good" (1 Thessalonians 5:21). What it means is that you should hold on to things that are right and anything else that does not agree with the scriptures you should not follow. You should always remember that we have "one Rabbi and one Teacher who is Yehoshua the Messiah the greatest of all and no man can ever take that position". Therefore we recommend that people prove all things and not to have the herd mentality. The herd mentality is very dangerous and Yehoshua the Messiah warned us that"...if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch" (Matthew 15:14). GOD is neither for sale nor His Word for sale (“Her heads judge for a bribe, her priests teach for pay, and her prophets divine for a price. Yet they lean of YHWH, and say “Is not YHWH in our midst? Evil does not come upon us” Micah 2:11). As Yehoshua HaMashiach said “from their fruits you shall know them” (Matthew 7:20). You can support ministries that are humble and that teach the truth.

Ahavat Ammi Ministries

Itzhak  Shapira is the founder of Ahavat Ammi Ministries.  Ahavat Ammi are committed to focus on God's agenda for the restoration of the Jewish people with the help of the nations in three areas. Sharing the Good news (Besorah) by going to “the end of the earth” for any Jew. Teaching and sharing about the Jewish Messiah in accordance to Rm 1:16 . Lastly, by strengthening the Messianic congregations all around the world starting in Israel.

They have a huge selection of videos in their You Tube section for viewing:

Their website is

Zev Porat

Zev was born in Israel, and was raised in the orthodox city of Bani Barack. He was raised an orthodox Jew from a rabbinic family. His father, grandfather and ancestors were all rabbis. Zev was born again in Yeshua after many years of hearing the gospel on the internet and reading the prophecies of the Old Testament. Zev says, “Now we go out on the streets as the Spirit of God guides us!” The minute he received the infilling of the Holy Spirit he began to share the Gospel of Yeshua everywhere? Being a native-born evangelist he has been persecuted and most of his family has disowned him. Zev understands that being a Completed Jew is believing in Yeshua. This comes at a cost that he and his wife Lian are willing to pay the salvation of Israel. Romans 11:26 reads “and so all Israel will be saved.” Zev says, “Yeshua called me to share the gospel with the lost sheep of Israel because “my people perish for lack of knowledge.” (Hosea 4:6). Zev Porat can be contacted through his website, Messiah of Israel Ministries

Todd D Bennett
Todd D Bennett is an attorney and author who resides in New York, United States with his family. Todd has travelled extensively to the Middle East and around the world researching and teaching the Hebrew roots of Christianity. He is the founder of Shema Yisrael Publications. His organisation does many charitable deeds and provides monetary and educational assistance to promote the advancement of Scriptural truth and to enhance the lives of people throughout the world. He is the author of many scriptural books and his publications can be purchased from his website

Andrew Gabriel Roth
Andrew Gabriel Roth has been studying Hebrew and Aramaic since the age of five and has steadily nursed an interest in biblical Greek since the early 1980s. While active in Semitic studies throughout his college years, Mr. Roth later became a Messianic Jew, and has spent the last two decades studying the Hebrew and Aramaic connections to the New Testament. A frequent lecturer for various Messianic assemblies' nationwide, he lives in Georgia. Andrew Roth is one of the most brilliant scholar in Hebrew/Aramaic that is present in our generation. He can be contacted through his website 

This is a short video of One Faith One People Ministries, Andrew Gabriel Roth distinguished Hebrew and Aramaic scholar.

Paul Nison

Paul Nison is a Messianic Jew and in the messianic realm he is known as the health food expert or the health watchman. He is an expert on biblical foods and is well versed with the Tanakh.  He can be contacted via his websites  and for more information.

One for Israel Ministries

ONE FOR ISRAEL understands that there are many ways to bless Israel, but they are convinced that the best way to bless Israel is with Yeshua the Messiah. They seek to do this in two ways: reaching Israelis with the gospel message and training up the next generation of leaders. Their facilities are based in Netanya, Israel and have both a media center to broadcast the good news, and the only Hebrew-speaking Bible College in Israel and in the world. They can be contacted via their website

Baruch HaShem (BHS) Ministries

Baruch HaShem (BHS) is a Messianic Jewish community which meets in North Dallas, United States. They are one of the biggest Messianic Jewish communities in the United States. As a congregation, BHS is dedicated to the Great Commission of Yeshua (Jesus) as expressed in the Good News of Mattityahu 28:18-20, as well as Romans 1:16, which states: “For I am not ashamed of the Good News, since it is God’s powerful means of bringing salvation to everyone who keeps on trusting, to the Jew especially, but equally to the Gentile.”  The Jewishness of Biblical faith in Messiah Yeshua is expressed at Baruch HaShem through Torah reading, observance of the Biblical feast and fast days, teaching of Scripture from a Jewish perspective, Messianic praise music and Davidic dance. They can be contacted via their website